Introducing the new Loss and Cost Transformer Savings Calculator

Following the launch of our new Amorphous core transformer the Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T.) last year. We are launching our new online transformer savings calculator!

An easy way to find out the potential benefits of upgrading to the B.E.S.T.

How the Transformer Savings Calculator works:

Using four key pieces of information that can usually be found on the rating plate, or any supporting documents of your existing transformer, the calculator then works out how much you’ll save on losses, CO2, and money.

Screenshot of one of the results pages of the loss and cost transformer saving calculator

You can get a more detailed breakdown of the annual financial savings, the saving projection over the 25-year lifetime, and the Return on Investment. The calculator bases its calculations on a like-for-like replacement, however, if you need to increase or decrease your rating our team can give you a more specialised breakdown, as well as a comparison to a Tier 2.

screenshot from energy saving calculator


Reach your highest saving potential

Transformer losses account for 93Twh annually, the equivalent to all the energy Croatia or Sri Lanka used in 2022.

The amorphous core transformer allows us to create potential savings of up to 55% annually.

If you are looking to hit the net zero goals that the UK Government have in place, want to reduce your energy costs, or are cutting back on the CO2 produced by your company.

This is a quick way to work out the savings potential that switching to an amorphous core transformer could give you.

Don’t believe us? Try it here!

Complimenting the B.E.S.T.

The Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T.) was launched last year. The B.E.S.T. is an alternative to conventional distribution transformers, utilising amorphous core technology.

The 2021 Tier 2 EU Ecodesign Regulation 548/2014 tightens regulations that state the standard for transformer losses. The B.E.S.T. losses are far lower than the Tier 2 regulations require.

You can read more about the B.E.S.T. here.

Bowers Energy Saving Transformer (B.E.S.T)

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Posted on: 19.02.2024
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