High Voltage Maintenance

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High Voltage Maintenance

Our dedicated High Voltage Maintenance team can offer full on-site maintenance of all your electrical plant and power equipment and provide ongoing support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bowers are able to offer bespoke maintenance contracts to suit your requirements.

Our typical maintenance agreement is based on a 5-year contract and includes 1 full maintenance of all HV equipment and 4 annual inspections including oil sampling of Transformers. Transformer oil sampling and trend analysis are the key indicators to help identify a potential problem with a transformer and can prevent catastrophic failure.

Whether you are in the very north of Scotland or just down the road, our team are able to visit your site.

As well as on-site support, our maintenance customers, receive the full support of our technical team, including the provision of HV network diagrams, oil trend analysis, information and recommendations on any operational restrictions, DINs and SOPs. We will make recommendations on any suggested upgrades or modifications we consider necessary to improve the reliability and effectiveness of your network.

Ongoing maintenance records are vital!

Not only will they satisfy the HSE that appropriate steps are being taken to ensure the integrity and safety of your power network and help to prevent potential prosecution under the health and safety guidelines, but they will also help to satisfy any switching personnel that the network equipment has been appropriately maintained, and as safe as possible to work on and operate.

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