Customers Property

customers property
customers property

Bowers Electricals Ltd carries out overhaul and remanufactures of customers property, from the smallest items of plant to large power transformer overhaul.

Our specialist workshops have been developed for an overhaul of all customer’s properties, including distribution and power transformers high voltage and low-voltage switchgear, rotating machines and associated distribution control and power equipment.

Our site facilities include substantial workshops within our 3 acre site offering rewind facilities, assembly areas, machine shops, several specialist test bays and drying ovens.

All our workshops have large crane capacities and our large overhauling bay allows the overhaul of power transformers up to 30MVA with a craneage capacity of up to 30 tons, specialist de-tanking bay, integral oil storage tanks for new/ reclaimed and redundant oil, large drying oven and a generator supplied transformer test bay for routine, specialist and witness testing.

Our typical power transformer overhaul offer includes disconnection from site craneage and removal by low loader vehicle to our Heanor works, inspection and report, de-tanking of core and windings, a full overhaul of windings, transformer tank, conservator, tap changer and control equipment with the option of additional/replacement fittings and replacement radiators. On completion of the overhaul, we offer the return and off-loading, installation and commissioning by our site team.

For re-engineering and extended productive life, contact our team.

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