Motor Repairs

a large motor repairs

Our motor repairs service are here to get your motor up and running again, regardless of the size, power, or application.

Our expert team of engineers can provide electric motor repairs, maintenance, rewinds, and overhauls from many brands, modules, and series, including customer-specific electronics or electronics that are no longer supported by the manufacturer, up to 4000kW.

We know that machine downtime can result in costly lost production and delayed deliveries, that’s why our on-site facilities and skilled technical engineers are available 24/7.

Where required our site team can carry out decommissioning, removal, and transportation to our workshop, as well as installation and recommissioning following repair. And if the motors can’t be removed from the site, our site services team can carry out some repairs in situ, nationwide.

To bring motors back to O.E.M. standard, a typical Bowers Electricals overhaul usually entails:

  • Customers drop off or Bowers Electrical collection from the site
  • Inspect and record all relevant data from the nameplate
  • Carry out electrical and mechanical check tests to verify the motor condition and any reported faults, where possible
  • Dismantle motor
  • Clean and inspect all parts
  • Datum checks, including bearing journals and seating, shaft extensions, shaft extension run out, shaft seal fits, commutator diameter, and brush surface length
  • Repair or replacement of defective components and parts
  • Steam cleaning, stove drying and varnishing of stator and rotor windings as specified in IEEE 1068
  • Rotating parts dynamically balanced to ISO grade 2.5 or better
  • Up-to-date motor plate fitted before dispatch
  • Delivery to site or collection from Bowers Electricals Factory

Got a Motor that needs an overhaul?

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