Intellivolt “Smart” Transformer

the Bowers Intellivolt Smart Transformer

The Bowers Intellivolt Smart transformer has arrived; combining two proven technologies in one revolutionary package – to save you more.

The Bowers Intellivolt Smart Transformer is the only voltage regulating distribution transformer (VRDT) that utilises the fourth generation solid state voltage optimisation technology. This technology, combined with a Bowers Electricals Tier 2 transformer, offers maximum energy savings and reduces losses, installation costs, cabling, and maintenance issues.

The Bowers Intellivolt Smart Transformer incorporates Real-Time energy monitoring technology – a sophisticated application which enables users to pinpoint energy savings remotely, accurately and in real-time.

The Bowers Intellivolt Smart Transformer
It constantly monitors the 3 outgoing voltages independently and optimises them to the required output level. When used with equipment such as refrigeration or air cooling devices, 3-phase motors, high-intensity discharge or fluorescent lighting, voltage optimisation not only helps to maximise equipment efficiency but also reduces energy consumption to create measurable financial savings.

By eradicating peaks and troughs, the Bowers Intellivolt® can also increase the service life of electrical equipment.

To find out whether combining the benefits of voltage optimisation with Bowers’ advanced low-loss transformer technology could produce substantial energy savings for your business, contact a sales team member or fill in the form below.

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