Plant Purchase

plant purchase

Bowers Electricals offer plant purchase of customer property and have a constant requirement for good quality used stock.

refurbished hv & lv switchgear

We offer a full substation removal and dismantling service for all equipment up to 33kV.

Our services include liaison at the engineering manager level to ensure isolation, disconnection and effective removal of your redundant transformers, HV and LV switchgear and associated equipment including capping of redundant supplies and reinstatement of new or refurbished equipment and any new substation designs. Our engineering team will coordinate and liaise with the Local Distribution Network Operator to affect any primary network and metering alterations.

Top prices are offered for re-usable surplus equipment for our extensive stocks including:

Power and Distribution Transformers
HV Oil, SF6, and Vacuum insulated switchgear
LV Distribution Switchgear
AC and DC Motors, and associated equipment
plant purchase

As well as plant purchase, our specialist services include:

  • Disposal of PCB-contaminated oil, silicon and Midel insulating fluids
  •  Disposal of redundant and contaminated oil
  •  Disposal of PCB capacitors
  •  Disconnection and disposal of Mercury Arc rectifiers
  •  SF6 gas recovery and disposal
  •  Specialist lifts and transportation including abnormal load movements

All site work is carried out under Health and Safety procedures and inductions will be carried out to cover any site specific safety rules.

Method statements and risk assessments will be presented before the commencement of any site work, together with any relevant COSHH or specialist handling data. Equipment will be removed from the site under our carriers’ licence and any special or hazardous products will be removed and disposed of under current waste legislation together with all relevant transfer and destruction certificates.

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