Bowers support large National Grid Contract

large transformer for national grid contract
large transformer for national grid contract

Bowers Electricals stretched to new capacities recently to deliver one of the largest transformers we have provided, a 25000 kVA 11000/35000 volts at no load, 8% impedance ONAN cooled, Eco-design Transformer for National Grid Contract.

Our end client had tendered and won a National Grid, Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) contract.

This means at certain times of the day; the National Grid require access to sources of extra power in the form of either increased generation or demand reduction.

Electricity cannot be stored in large amounts, so the supply needs to be balanced with demand on a second by second basis. However, there can be times when unexpected events occur such as generator faults or excessive demand. In order to mitigate these events, National Grid requires either additional generation to run as back up, or a reduction in electricity demand to ensure the system remains balanced.

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a service which customers (service providers) can provide to National Grid to deliver either a specific level of power from their generators or a reduction of demand.

The service is limited to the timings that are agreed upon in the contract. Such timings are known as the “Availability Windows” which are the periods where the provider is obliged to deliver the specified power. This is generally carried out via electronic instructions from National Grid to the provider.

Bowers Electricals were employed to provide the transformer and associated equipment for our client to deliver their requirements under the STOR contract. The main transformer weighing 40 Tonnes was over the normal 30T lifting capacity. The high current demand during factory acceptance testing needed enhancements to our test facility and extra generation brought in. As Bowers manufactured and tested the transformer at our factory in Heanor they have the capabilities to offer such bespoke solutions. Bowers site facilities include substantial workshops within a 3-acre site, offering rewind facilities, assembly areas, machine shops, several specialist test bays & drying ovens.  All workshops have large crane capacities and the large Transformer overhauling bay has a specialist de-tanking bay, integral oil storage tanks for new/reclaimed and redundant oil, a large drying oven and a generator supplied Transformer Test bay for routine, specialist & witness testing.

Once completed the equipment was despatched from the factory and Bowers undertook the full site installation works; completion is done on time to the required schedule and following all necessary health and safety requirements.


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