Refurbished Transformers

Person spray painting a transformer

Bowers Electricals Ltd hold one of the largest stocks in Europe of used power equipment.

Our range of refurbished transformers includes standard distribution from 315kVA and power transformers up to 60MVA. The stocks include all insulation mediums including Oil, Midel, Silicon, and FR3. As well as stocks of Cast Resin & air-cooled transformers, special ratio transformers both in step up & step down designs are also readily available.

All our refurbished transformers are offered fully refurbished with a warranty of two years.

Refurbished transformers being tested

During the overhaul we provide a full inspection and report to a 35 point checklist by our expert engineers, with all testing completed to BSEN 60076-1.

We can disconnect from the site, and provide removal by Hiab to our Derbyshire-based works. De-tanking of core windings in our specialist facilities is offered and an ovening process is available. Full strip down of transformer and rebuilding with a full set of new gaskets takes place. Along with the replacement boxes and full respray to the customers’ requested colour. On completion of the overhaul, we offer the return and off-loading, installation, and commissioning by our site team.

Buying a refurbished transformer is a good option when project deadlines and budgets are restricted.

Bowers hold a large stock of replacement radiators, HV & LV boxes and monoblocks in our works. If the projects require replacements, we can do some without hindering the turnaround time.

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