Witches Solar Farm 6MW, 69kV Grid Connection

Witches Solar Farm transformer

Bowers Electricals Ltd were employed by Smarter Energy Services to supply the electrical equipment for a greenfield Solar Farm at Weaven Barn Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, England.

Bowers drew on its in-house technical expertise to specify the overall project and then draw upon its extensive supply chain to source a multitude of complex bespoke items.

Due to the time, critical nature of the site and the deadlines of the end client the equipment was all on the critical path and this led to detailed project management, close control over the logistics and extensive interactions with the other contractors involved.

Equipment manufactured and supplied:

• 1 off 6MVA 69kV to 11kV Outdoor oil cooled Transformer.
• 4 off Merlin Gerin CE2-T12 11kV 200amp Circuit Breakers complete with VIP300 protection.
• 1 off Alstom Visax 11kV Circuit breaker complete with metering, VT and G59 protection.
• 1 off Relays and control protection panel
• 1 Neutral Earthing Resistor
• 1 off 110-volt battery tripping unit to Western Power Distribution Specification.
• 1 off 75kVA 280 volts to 415 volts Auto Transformer for auxiliary supply.

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